Moroccan Argan Oil: Why It's Called Liquid Gold

Argan oil. The sumptuous oil that's value can't be overstated for hair care. There is a reason why argan oil is called liquid gold. It's just not that easy to harvest. Only true argan oil that comes from Morocco can be considered the real deal. The oil is hand pressed by the Berber women from the kernels of the argan tree. It's used all over the world in countless hair, skin, and body treatments with great results. This magical oil has the ability to hydrate and soothe, without clogging your pores. Argan oil turns hair into a silky lustrous mane you can feel good about. Aren't we just tired of feeling bad about our hair all the time? Let Moroccanoil make the difference. At Beautiq Masah we only carry the very best in products for our client's home use. Moroccanoil is one of those treasured brands we are proud to partner with at the spa. They have a variety of hair treatments, including shampoos, conditioners, styling products and their marque statement product, the Moroccanoil Treatment Original. This is going to give you the silky healthy hair you crave with 100 percent argan oil. Liquid gold for glorious hair? It can be yours. Ask our knowledgeable staff for product recommendations any time you come into experience our spa services. By : Kelly Reising- Beauty Editor & Author, USA

By : Kelly Reising- Beauty Editor and Author, USA

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